10 Second Quiz:

Is Your Blood Sugar Drain Clogged?

Johns Hopkins Doctors just uncovered the real cause of High Blood Sugar…

And the simple way to unclog your blood sugar drain.

From the Desk of:
Dr. Mark Weis, M.D.

Is your blood sugar drain clogged up?

If you struggle with high blood sugar levels…

The answer is most likely: Yes.

A gray sticky mucus has clogged your blood sugar drain.

Let me explain:

Your kidneys have a natural drain. It’s designed to help keep sugar out of your blood.

And yet, as you read this, a gray sticky mucus is blocking up your drain.

This clog is sending sugar back into your blood. It pushes your blood sugar levels higher.

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Weis, and I’d like to show you why the true cause behind high blood sugar is NOT:

A lack of insulin…

Failing pancreas…

Or even eating too many carbs or sugars…

But in fact, according to new research from Johns Hopkins Medical School

Every single person with high blood sugar had one thing in common:

A little-known ‘gray sticky mucus’ is clogging up their body’s Blood Sugar Drain.

Excess sugar should get drained. But instead, that clog sends it right back to your bloodstream. Your blood sugar levels go sky high.

High blood sugar makes everyday life frustrating:

You’re forced to feel guilty about eating your favorite foods like french fries, chocolate cake, or even a glass of juice. 

You feel exhausted all the time. 

And you’re worried what this high blood sugar will do to your health, long term.

And that’s why the discovery of this sticky mucus has changed everything we know about taking control of your blood sugar levels.

When You UNCLOG Your Blood Sugar Drain, You’ll Finally Be Able to Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels…

Even if you’ve been worried about blood sugar for years or decades. Even if everything else you’ve tried has failed.

This helps even if you’re worried about your insulin levels. Even if you indulge in your favorite foods like pasta or pastries. Even if you’re not a marathon runner or an exercise junkie.

Because when you unclog your Blood Sugar Drain:

You’ll be able to eat your favorite foods without stressing over spikes.

You’ll have energy to be active with your family and to feel productive each day.

You’ll be confident that your future will be
healthy and happy.

A fortunate group of men and women are already enjoying this.

Randall W.

"Finally my A1c, it hit 10. Once I started controlling things, my most recent test I had done not too long ago, my A1c is down to 5."

Tina S. Age 54

"I was able to get my A1c to drop significantly. I was at an 11, and I dropped down to an 8… I was actually able to get my sugar levels decreased significantly."

Larry A. Age 42

"I'm a single father of two children… I have to be very active… in the first week, I did notice an improvement. I was able to get up earlier than I normally would. I wasn't feeling tired with that brain haze in the morning. My children noticed that I was able to play and be more active with them."

 Now in just a moment, I’ll tell you…

Why sweetening your morning coffee with Stevia is about the worst thing you can do for your blood and sugar. It’s just as bad as artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose.

But I’ll also show you exactly how and why having a clogged-up blood sugar drain practically guarantees a lifetime plagued with erratic blood sugar.

Then I’ll walk you through a 10-second Do-It-Yourself ancestry quiz that can reveal if this ‘sticky gray mucus’ is the real culprit behind your blood sugar issues.

And most important of all…

You’ll discover the exotic purple berry Harvard researchers are describing as “a promising new therapy” against these clogs in your Blood Sugar Drain.

At first, I was skeptical of this health news, and I understand if you are, too.

So that’s why I’ve put together this letter…

I’m going to share everything you need to know about this exotic purple berry that unclogs your Blood Sugar Drain, including…

A Huge List of Scientific Proof.

Not only from Johns Hopkins and Harvard like I’ve already mentioned. But also from the University College of London, Yale Medical School, and other top research institutions.

And you’ll hear from a few of the thousands of people who are already rebalancing their blood sugar with this natural breakthrough…

Which means you’re only a few minutes away from using this simple solution for yourself.

So please make sure to read this letter right now. I can’t guarantee how long it’ll be up.

Stick with me for just a few minutes, and I’ll get you what you need to make a big change in your life.

Now as I mentioned…

My name is Dr. Mark Weis with MD/PROCESS®.

MD/PROCESS® is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with these organizations.

I’m an award-winning physician, medical consultant, and author…

I’m board certified by the American Board of Ambulatory Medicine.

I spent years of my career serving our military and veterans. Some of the most important work I did was as civilian physician with the Wounded Warrior Clinic at Fort Knox.

That was after many years spent working closely with rural communities in Kentucky.

So I’ve seen first-hand the impact of imbalanced blood sugar. I know that your internal health determines your quality of life. And your happiness.

So when I caught wind of what top professors at Harvard are calling a “promising new therapy” for supporting blood sugar…

I knew I had to rush this incredible breakthrough out to people like you and the rest of the MD/PROCESS® family.

After all, so many of my patients and friends worry about their blood sugar.

But ever since we’ve started sharing this pioneering blood sugar solution…

We’ve Seen It Change Lives.

Corinne T. Age 63

“People have commented on how healthy I look and the amount of energy I have. I feel great!”

Gary B. Age 57

“My doctor is very pleased with my sugars”

Nina B. Age 68

“My doctor - with lab tests - affirmed that my blood sugar is staying in the normal range.”

And once you see how it works, you’ll see how easy it is for you to do too.

Now, as a medical practitioner…

There’s one big complaint I hear time and time again from people struggling with their blood sugar.

They tell me:

“No matter what I try for blood sugar, nothing seems to help!”

They’ve tried just about everything under the sun, from:

Following treatments recommended by experts

Following extreme calorie-restrictive diets…

Cutting down on carbs and sugary foods…

Increasing Exercise

To even taking supplements to help their pancreas and blood-sugar hormones.

They do everything by the book, but…

They still don’t get the results they see other people getting.

They’re sick of trying supposed solutions that do nothing to help and leave them feeling tired and jittery.

They feel isolated by the lack of empathy from their doctors, friends, and even their family.

So they end up feeling like it’s their own fault… That if they just had more willpower regarding food or exercise, this wouldn’t be happening.

Stop! I’m here to tell you that this is NOT your fault.

You know how lonely it can feel to be burdened with unbalanced blood sugar.

And it breaks my heart to see anyone suffering like this…

So we knew we had to do something to help make a real change.

We asked the question:

Why Don’t the Common Blood-Sugar Solutions Work?

Why are so many people still stuck stressing about their levels?

And here’s where we found things are going wrong.

Most blood-sugar solutions focus on insulin.

Insulin-related solutions either:

1. Support your pancreas and help it to produce proper levels of insulin, or…

2. They target insulin resistance.

But despite how often insulin gets touted as the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to balancing blood sugar, it may shock you to hear that…

Insulin is not a magic target for an all-powerful blood sugar fix. It’s just one element of your body’s blood sugar regulation system.

New research from the Journal of Cell Biology reveals the real function of insulin.1

And the simple truth is…

Insulin is a bit like a taxi driver.

It helps transport sugar to different places in your body.

But it can’t cure unbalanced blood sugar on its own, it just moves sugar around from one place to another.

So if your body notices you’ve got too much sugar in your bloodstream, insulin steps in to transport that sugar to be stored in your muscle and fat cells.

And when your blood sugar levels really go high, insulin transports that excess sugar to the kidneys.

And it’s actually up to your kidneys to add that sugar to your urine, and flush it out of your body.

So as you can see, insulin does play a critical role in supporting healthy blood sugar. However…

There’s one vital part of supporting blood-sugar levels that insulin can’t control.

And pay close attention to this, because this could be the one small thing that’s causing all of your blood sugar issues. As I said…

Insulin only transports excess sugar to your kidneys…

But insulin cannot flush that excess sugar from your body.

That’s the job of your kidneys! Or as I like to think of them…

Your ‘Blood-Sugar Drain’.

Your kidneys are critically essential for balancing your blood sugar, because they’re the main exit point for flushing excess sugar out of your body.

Your kidneys process the excess sugar and quickly flush it out through your urine.2

This helps balance the levels of sugar in your bloodstream, allowing you to be able to eat your favorite foods without worrying about spikes.

However, this means…

When something clogs your ‘Blood-Sugar Drain’, sugar gets trapped inside your body…

And once it’s trapped, it has to go somewhere. It ends up right back inside your bloodstream, raising your blood sugar levels.

All that work your insulin just did to send that excess sugar to be drained by your kidneys… it was all for nothing.

If your Blood Sugar Drain is clogged, your insulin works overtime for zero results.

EVEN if you’ve got the healthiest insulin in the world.

EVEN if you’re eating super healthy, low carb, no sugar diets.

EVEN if you’re staying active.

All your insulin is supposed to do is transport sugar from your bloodstream to your kidneys.

If your kidneys aren’t doing their job, then insulin can’t do anything.

So even if you’re doing everything right, a clog in your blood-sugar drain means you won’t be able to take control of your blood sugar.

I have seen it clearly demonstrated — both in research and in patients — that unclogging your Blood Sugar Drain is the key. That’s how you break free from blood sugar worries.

So How Do You Unclog Your Blood Sugar Drain?

It starts by understanding what went wrong in the first place.
When you’re young, and your body is functioning like a well-oiled machine, your Blood Sugar Drain works perfectly.

That’s why little kids can enjoy WAY too many sweets and never have any issues with their blood sugar levels.

And that’s also why 20-year-olds tend to have 20% lower fasting-blood-glucose levels than 40‑year‑olds.3


Once you reach your 40s, 50s, 60s, and older… your ‘Blood Sugar Drain’ can stop working as effectively as it once used to.

Because even the best-designed machines suffer from wear and tear…

They get rusty or gummed up and slow down. Over time, they might even stop working altogether.

Your body’s Blood Sugar Drain is no different.

It gets gummed up. It processes molecules like blood sugar more and more slowly until it completely clogs up.

But again, our question is WHY does this happen?

Why isn’t your Blood Sugar Drain working?

For many years, this question has puzzled scientists and researchers, and left them scratching their heads trying to find an answer.

But finally…

New research from Johns Hopkins University explains…

Why Your Blood Sugar Drain May Be Clogged Up.

The first inklings of this discovery began in 2018, when researchers from Johns Hopkins University were studying kidney biopsies.4

This is when a patient has a tiny piece of their kidney removed to be examined under a microscope.

The Johns Hopkins researchers were examining the kidneys of patients with unbalanced blood sugar levels…

… and comparing them to kidney samples taken from patients with healthy blood sugar levels.

When they viewed these samples under the microscope and compared them side-by-side…

They noticed something shocking.

Can you see the difference?

The kidney on the left is what a normal kidney should look like under the microscope…

Whereas the kidney on the right has high blood sugar, and so it’s covered in a gray sticky mucus!

And what’s more…

After examining kidney samples from 26 more patients with unbalanced blood sugar, and comparing them with 14 more kidney samples from healthy patients…

…they found the exact same thing again and again!

All 15 patients with normal blood-sugar had normal-looking kidneys…

While all 27 of the patients with unbalanced blood-sugar had their kidneys clogged up with this gray mucus.

Which means if you currently have unbalanced blood sugar, you can be confident that it’s also clogging up YOUR kidneys.

Because that’s exactly what these researchers from Johns Hopkins proved.

They examined the gray mucus more closely to identify exactly what it was…

And after numerous tests, they concluded that it was a ‘sticky protein’ known as “Sodium-Glucose Cotransport 2”.5

That’s a bit of a mouthful to say…

So we’ll call this sticky protein “SG2” for short.

But what exactly is SG2?

And How Could It Be Clogging Up Your Blood Sugar Drain?

Well, if you were to touch it, it would feel sticky, like glue.

It’s normal for everyone’s kidneys to produce a small amount of this SG2. In fact, its exact purpose is actually to clog up your Blood Sugar Drain.

Because thousands of years ago, humans would often have to go days without food…

Which would risk our ancestors’ blood sugar levels getting too low, causing them to run out of energy.

That’s where the sticky SG2 protein comes in.

It sticks to the sugar passing through your kidneys…

To trap that sugar in your body, and to prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping too low.

When you only eat every few days, this is a lifesaver. It saves every last drop of blood sugar to use as energy.

But today, overactive SG2 is a disaster.

Today, we have plenty of food.

So we don’t need SG2 to cling to every scrap of sugar that it can.

We don’t need SG2 to recycle that sugar back into our bloodstreams.

We don’t need SG2 to clog up our Blood Sugar Drain.

Yet we all STILL have this sticky SG2 protein in our kidneys…

And for people who suffer from high blood sugar levels, their bodies are producing too much SG2.

This sticky SG2 protein builds up…

Until It’s a Major Blockage in Your Blood Sugar Drain.

This keeps that excess sugar trapped inside your body, unable to escape…

And destined to keep your blood sugar out of balance, no matter how healthy you eat, how much you exercise, or how much you support your insulin.

I understand if this leaves you asking, “Why me?”

“Why are my kidneys producing so much SG2 and clogging my Blood Sugar Drain?”

“Why is it so tough for me to balance my blood sugar, when I know people with no blood sugar problems who eat and live way less healthy than I do?”

One quick answer has to do with the type of art­ificial sweeteners that you add to your coffee or drink in your diet soda.

You may already know that artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose are bad for blood sugar.

But scientists from Singapore recently found that even Stevia is just as bad.

They gave people different drinks sweetened with regular sugar, aspartame, sucralose, or stevia.

And what they found was:

It didn’t matter which sweetener you used, your blood sugar rose the same amount afterwards.

Stevia raised people’s blood sugar just as much as regular sugar.

It’s strange, because Stevia won’t turn into blood glucose like regular sugar will. So why is it raising your blood sugar?

Several scientists attribute it to artificial sweeteners’ effect on your SG2.

Sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and even stevia may encourage the production of your sticky SG2 protein, which clogs up blood sugar.

But there’s an even deeper reason for why some people have more active SG2 than others, and why some people never have to worry about their blood sugar…
Researchers from The University College London and Harvard University uncovered the answer to that question…

They Also Discovered a Simple Way to Dissolve the Blockage in Your Blood Sugar Drain

Biologists and genetics experts at the University College London studied the genes of people who produce high levels of this sticky SG2 protein…

And compared their genes to people with lower levels of the sticky protein.

They examined genomes from 2,504 different people, from a wide range of ethnic and ancestral backgrounds.

And what they discovered is the key to unclog your blood sugar drain!

They found that…

People without clogs all have a gene that prevents build‑up of the sticky SG2 protein.

And what’s more…

They discovered that this gene is most common in people whose ancestors were farmers…

Farmers who would have eaten a diet high in carbohydrates with lots of grains and potatoes.

Their bodies adapted to this high carbo­hydrate, high sugar diet and strength­ened that key gene.

So if your ancestors were farmers, your blood sugar gets an extra helping hand.

Your bloodline has just had more time to adapt to a full diet.

The researchers found that about 50% of people have this useful gene that helps keep blood sugar issues away…

… by preventing the blood sugar drain from getting clogged up with SG2.

But the bad news is:

50% of people don’t have this blood-sugar supporting gene…

Because their ancestors were primarily hunters and not farmers.

Hunters eat fewer carbs. They eat less often. Thus, their bodies needed to cling to every drop of sugar they could.

If you are descended from hunters (as opposed to farmers), then your bloodline has had way less time to adapt to a full diet. You’re still clinging onto every drop of sugar when you don’t need to anymore.

This is why blood sugar issues can seem to run in the family.

And if you’re currently suffering from unbalanced blood sugar, chances are you’re not one of the lucky 50% who have this useful gene.

What does this mean?

It likely means that your blood sugar issues are not your fault.

If you must blame somebody, blame your ancestors!

You can stop feeling guilty about your blood sugar. You are not to blame. It’s sheer lousy genetic luck!

But as I mentioned earlier… there’s good news, too.

Because once researchers realized the connection with a specific gene helping “unclog” the kidneys of the sticky SG2 protein…

And clear the blockage in the Blood Sugar Drain…

Researchers began looking for…

A Natural Way for Any of Us to Unclog Our Blood Sugar Drain.

They saw how this ‘farmer’s gene’ was unclogging the blood sugar drain for millions of people…

And they looked for natural solutions that could work in the same way… even if you weren’t lucky enough to be born with this blood-sugar support gene.

And after years of extensive searching and testing…

They found a specific type of antioxidant that can help unclog your drain.

This antioxidant is called Delphinidin.

It occurs naturally in an exotic berry. More on that in a moment.

And on top of being a very potent antioxidant and a powerful anti-inflammatory…9

Research published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences found that Delphinidin can also help out a lot with blood sugar.

It does this by mimicking the same effects of the blood sugar support gene.

That’s because just like that ‘farmer’s gene’, studies show that Delphinidin inhibits production of SG2.

In other words, it tells your body to make WAY less of this sticky gray mucus. With less of the mucus, it can’t clog up your blood Sugar Drain.10

Meaning your body can once again flush out excess sugar with ease the way it is supposed to do — just like it did when you were younger.

Doctors searched the globe for the richest source of Delphinidin…

And They Found It in The Maqui Berry.

This small purple berry is used in some South American wines, and it grows on trees that are native to Chile.

But in recent decades, people have started growing Maqui Berry trees in the USA, Europe, and Australia…

Meaning you could have blood-sugar supporting Maqui Berries growing in your own backyard, or at a local park near you.

And here’s where it gets really exciting:

Researchers from Harvard are now describing this berry’s method of rebalancing blood sugar as “a promising new therapy” 11

And for good reason, too.

Just take a look at these incredible results from a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study.12

20 men and women with imbalanced blood sugar were split into two groups.

The first group was given 200mg of a Maqui Berry extract packed with the antioxidant Delphinidin.

While the second group was given a placebo designed to have no effect.

After 30 minutes, the people in both groups were given a portion of rice to eat to see how much it would cause their blood sugar levels to spike.

As expected, 60 minutes after eating the rice, the control group saw their blood sugar levels spike by 24%.

But to the researcher’s amazement…

The group taking the Maqui Berry extract saw barely any spike in their blood sugar levels 60 minutes after eating the rice.

In fact, compared to the control group…

People who took Maqui Berry extract had 15% lower blood-sugar levels.

This study proved:

The Delphinidin in Maqui Berry flattens out blood sugar spikes caused by eating carbs and other foods.

Meaning you can enjoy the foods you love again…

Without feeling terrified about what that delicious meal could do to your blood sugar levels.

But it gets even better…

Because 2 years later, they repeated this same study with one key difference.

They swapped out the rice for ¼ cup of pure glucose. Pure glucose is the gold standard for trials measuring the effects of blood sugar.

That’s because it’s PURE SUGAR.

What’s more, they ran the study with an extra 36 men & women with unbalanced blood sugar levels…

These participants were consuming pure sugar, so it makes sense that giving them the sugar should have sent their blood sugar levels rocketing sky high!

And that’s exactly what it did for the control group that did not receive the delphinidin-rich Maqui Berry Extract.

In contrast, the other group ate the ¼ cup of pure sugar and took 180 mg of delphinidin-rich Maqui Berry Extract.

Once again, compared to the control group…

People who took Maqui Berry had 15.1% lower blood sugar.13

The researchers were amazed by how well this Delphinidin-rich Maqui Berry Extract supported healthy blood sugar levels.

But what excites me most about these two studies…

… is how they demonstrate that you can expect almost immediate results from this blood-sugar support berry as soon as you start eating it.

You don’t have to wait around for weeks on end, praying for it to start working.

Because as these two studies have shown…

The Maqui Berry Extract’s Delphinidins get to work in the body immediately.

Unclogging the Blood Sugar Drain and making a measurable difference in a matter of minutes!

This is great, but I suspect it may have you wondering…

If you took Maqui Berry every day, could it provide even stronger, longer-lasting blood-sugar benefits?

The researchers had this same question too.

So they ran one final placebo-controlled trial to learn the answer.

In this study, 31 men & women with unbalanced blood sugar levels were given the Delphinidin-rich Maqui Berry Extract…

And they were instructed to take 180mg of the extract every morning for the next 3 months.

Their hemoglobin blood-sugar levels were measured monthly.

And I am thrilled to inform you that every participant saw steady improvements month after month.

However, the really great news came at the end of the trial.

After just 3 months…

The study patients’ fasting blood-sugar levels rebalanced by a remarkable 23%.

Taking them from ‘high risk’ into the healthy normal range.14

This research is undeniable proof that Delphinidin-rich Maqui Berry Extract can help support healthy blood-sugar…

By unclogging your Blood Sugar Drain of the sticky SG2 protein, and flushing excess sugar with ease from your body like it used to when you were younger.

So… after we processed all this groundbreaking research…

And realized it was proof that there is real hope for people who struggle with blood sugar…

We knew we had to find a simple way to help people like you get their hands on high-quality Maqui Berry Extract…

And do it in the exact same dosages used in the studies to deliver the best possible results.

The studies I’ve just shared with you all used a premium-grade Maqui Berry extract.


Premium Maqui Berry Extract Is Not Widely Available to the Average Person.

And when we analyzed numerous sources of Maqui Berry ourselves…

We were shocked by the disturbingly low levels of Delphinidin we found in the berries!

So we dug deeper into the studies from earlier and noted that…

The premium Maqui Berries used in these studies all came from the rainforests of Chile…

Where the soil is unusually nutrient rich and perfect for growing the most nutritious Maqui Berries.

We also noted that their Maqui Berry Extract had been filtered to get rid of impurities…

Creating an incredibly potent, Delphinidin-rich Maqui Berry Extract.

So you can’t just pick Maqui Berries from a tree, eat them, and expect to experience the same blood sugar support seen in the studies.

That’s because most Maqui Berries don’t contain nearly enough Delphinidin to help blood sugar.

But when we saw that there was no easy way for most people to get a hold of premium Maqui Berry Extract — the kind that is extremely rich in the all-important antioxidant Delphinidin…

We knew we had to do something to correct that.

Because your friends at MD/PROCESS® are here to help, we made the decision to become a world leader in creating a solution for this problem that could be used worldwide by folks like you desiring to improve their health.

MD/PROCESS® has built a reputation for finding innovative health solutions in nature – solutions that are backed by solid research.

And with that reputation, we’ve built industry relationships that allow us to find and source premium nutrients that aren’t available in most stores.

And now…

We’ve created a revolutionary solution for millions of people with imbalanced blood sugar.

It finally makes available Maqui Berry extract that’s PREMIUM and PURIFIED.

This unique solution is the first of its kind, created to help ordinary people unclog their blood sugar drain with Maqui Berry.

We named it...


It’s an easy way to get enough delphinidin each day to support balanced blood sugar.

And it’s especially designed for people who have tried everything they can think of to maintain healthy blood sugar… but still continue to struggle!

Because remember:

When the ‘Blood Sugar Drain’ in your kidneys is clogged up with the sticky SG2 protein…

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing everything else right to support your blood sugar.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent months or even years skipping delicious desserts…

And missing out on your favorite foods at family get-togethers, while all your relatives feast around you…

Because none of those sacrifices will resolve your issues if excess sugar is getting trapped in your clogged up Blood Sugar Drain.

That trapped sugar will just keep getting reabsorbed into your bloodstream, and being sent back into your system, leading to your blood sugar levels being out of whack.

GlucoBerry tackles this problem head on, because…

GlucoBerry Is Designed to Unclog Your Blood Sugar Drain.

It does this by delivering a clinically relevant dose of Maqui Berry Extract…

Along with 3 more research-backed ingredients…

That are all clinically shown to support balanced blood sugar levels.

And because GlucoBerry uses research-backed nutrients to unclog your blood-sugar drain and help your kidneys flush excess sugar from your body…

GlucoBerry is already helping thousands of men & women…

Regain the freedom to enjoy their favorite foods again (even sugary desserts)

Promote a happy feeling of steady energy when they start reducing blood sugar spikes…

No longer feel ashamed or embarrassed when they get their blood sugar checked by their doctor…

Support their independence and confidence from knowing their family doesn’t have to worry so much about them…

And help themselves feel more self-respect from being able to take back control of their health on their own terms.

GlucoBerry can help you achieve all this – and more, too!

Ronald H. Age 35

"My blood sugar was at a dangerous level. I had to go to the hospital at one point in my life. IT was really scary for me and my family. That's until I took these guys, and I really got ahold of my blood sugar…
"I realized GlucoBerry was working when I was able to go about and play with my son in the yard, to be able to go out with my wife, and to be able to go grocery shopping without being sick or nauseated and without having low blood sugar. GlucoBerry was awesome. It definitely worked."

That’s because GlucoBerry fits the MD/PROCESS® vision of health:

Solutions Found in Nature and Backed by Solid Research

That’s why the first and primary ingredient is Maqui Berry Extract.

Because remember, that’s the best source of the antioxidant Delphinidin.

And it’s Delphinidin that’s been shown to open up your Blood Sugar Drain.

But there’s one problem you should know about with most Maqui Berry Extracts:

Too many are low in Delphinidin. They won’t do enough to open your Blood Sugar Drain.

That’s why in our revolutionary GlucoBerry formula, we only use the most premium form of…

Maqui Berry Extract

Maqui Berry extract is the most potent natural source of delphinidin available anywhere in the world today.15

And, more importantly:

It's the exact same Maqui Berry Extract that was used in the three clinical trials you just read about…

In the exact same dosage of 180mg…

Including the trial where Maqui Berry helped participants reduce blood sugar spikes from eating in as little as 30 minutes…

And the trial where participants balanced their hemoglobin blood-sugar levels by an incredible 23.1% in 3 months.

This Delphinidin-rich Maqui Berry Extract helps your body achieve those kinds of incredible results.

Because when your excess blood sugar is finally able to properly drain from your body, your insulin doesn’t get overworked, and neither does your pancreas.

And if you do enjoy a meal where you eat a lot of carbs or sugar, your newly restored Blood Sugar Drain can help moderate any blood sugar spikes.

Plus, on top of giving you an easy way to unclog your blood sugar drain…

The antioxidant-rich Maqui Berry Extract also helps with the other well-known triggers to unbalanced blood sugar.

One study showed how Delphinidin-rich Maqui Berry Extract helped support insulin levels by up to 250%.16

And another showed how it helps inhibit the buildup of fat around the pancreas…17

Allowing your pancreas to function better to support your blood sugar.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you an easy way to get ahold of this powerful Maqui Berry extract to unclog your blood sugar drain.

But we didn’t want to settle with stopping there.

Because remember…

While unclogging your Blood Sugar Drain is the final missing puzzle piece for supporting your blood sugar…

Supporting your body’s natural hormone levels, your pancreas, and fortifying your glucose tolerance are all still helpful.

We wanted GlucoBerry to be a complete, all-in-one formula for naturally supporting your blood sugar.

So that’s why…

We Added 3 More Research-Backed Nutrients to Our Blood-Sugar Support Blend.

First, we started with…

Chromium and Biotin

26 separate peer-reviewed studies show how the essential mineral Chromium helps promote healthy blood sugar by supporting the body’s insulin response.18, 19

And it performs even better when you pair it with the vitamin, Biotin…

Creating a powerful combination that can improve even the worst cases of imbalanced blood sugar.

Here’s the proof:

Researchers from Yale University School of Medicine took 43 men & women who had all been struggling with severely unbalanced blood sugar for at least one year… and in many cases, much, much longer.

The researchers split these men & women up into 2 groups:

The first group was given 600mcg of Chromium and 2mg of Biotin to take daily for 4 weeks, while the second group was given placebo capsules designed to have no effect.

Now here’s where things get exciting.

After 30 days, the group taking the placebo treatment saw no noticeable improvement in their blood sugar readings, however…

The group taking the active ingredients – 600mcg of Chromium and 2mg of Biotin each day – saw their blood sugar levels improve by a stunning 11.65%.20

After seeing these impressive results, showing just how effective Chromium & Biotin are at balancing blood sugar by supporting your natural insulin levels…

We knew we had to include them in our Blood Sugar Support formula.

And that’s why every serving of GlucoBerry includes the exact same dosages of Chromium and Biotin as used in this Yale University study.

Finally, we completed the GlucoBerry formula with a tropical herb named…

Gymnema Leaf

This herb may look like an ordinary leaf to most people…

But among the researchers who’ve studied its effects, Gymnema Leaf is well-known as “the sugar destroyer”.

And I’ll show you right now why it has more than earned that title.

58 men & women with unbalanced blood sugar took part in a study to examine the effects of Gymnena Leaf on their blood sugar.

They were split into two groups. One group was given a placebo capsule, the other group was given active Gymnema Leaf.

Each group had two blood sugar tests measured after 90 days. One test was a random blood sugar, the other was a Hemoglobin A1C.

As expected, the placebo group saw no significant changes in their blood sugar levels.

However, the men & women taking Gymnema Leaf saw their hemoglobin blood sugar levels lower by an amazing 10.41%.21

With incredible results like that, it’s no wonder so many people refer to this herb as “The Sugar Destroyer”.

And that is why we included the exact same dose of Gymnema Leaf used in this study in every serving of GlucoBerry.

With These Final Ingredients Added, GlucoBerry Was Complete.

We start with a clinically relevant dose of the Maqui Berry Extract, designed to unclog your Blood Sugar Drain… so that excess sugar can be flushed from your body with ease again.

And then we added our doctor-designed blend of 3 more research-backed ingredients, in the same dosages used in peer-reviewed studies where they’ve been clinically shown to support healthy blood sugar.

Making this unique blood-sugar solution unlike anything else!

So, if you’ve tried other blood-sugar solutions in the past and felt let down…

GlucoBerry is good news for you.

That’s because GlucoBerry’s unique formula is found in nature and backed by the latest and greatest cutting-edge research.

No other solution for supporting healthy blood sugar has achieved anything like the dramatic results I’ve seen in my patients.

Eric C. Age 30

"In the mornings I would find myself racing to the kitchen to grab some kind of sweet, because in the morning my blood sugar levels would drop significantly. And if I didn't consume anything sweet, I would become very feint, very weak,. Loss of thoughts, loss of memory. No energy at all. And so with GlucoBerry, it took a couple days to get in the mood of things, and I was a little skeptical at first, but honestly, GlucoBerry, I don't know what it's got in it, it's really a good product."

Tobi R. Age 37

"I am just leveled out, perfectly… and again, I love GlucoBerry, it's helped me so much center my highs and lows in my daily life."

Dennis B. Age 51

"I recently had a death in the family, and I'm not going to say it was all due to diabetes or the blood sugar, but it did play a factor. And until that moment, in the process of grieving, and looking into, why did my cousin die? Why did this happen? You know, he was young and I didn't see it coming. And so I don't want to be put in that same predicament, and so I said what steps can I take to possibly make it where I don't have to suffer the same fate as he did. And at that point I decided to start paying attention to my blood sugar…. "My energy was down, my blood sugar wasn't the best, but I can say it is better now…
"Since checking my levels and paying attention to it, yes, there is a difference…
"I was at 86, and I made it down to about the mid-70s."

Richard B. Age 51

"The problems I would have day to day with my blood sugar would be consistency… "You know it would be up then down, and up and down…
"A friend of mine used GlucoBerry and recommended it to me…
"The ingredients are really healthy, it seemed like a good natural alternative…
"Three or four days into the product, I felt different. I didn't feel warn out. I didn't feel like weird buzzy, energy drink feeling. I just felt good, healthy. I felt younger, honestly…
"I've told friends, family, coworkers, and I've turned some of them on to this product…
"It's more of a consistent, normal, vibrant energy. I think those other products just mess with your system so much. This one just feels natural."

Keith K. Age 41

"Well, what I want to say if to anyone who's watching this video, and I'm pretty sure you're in the same position as I am, just trying to find the right supplement…
I can honestly tell you that this product will work. GlucoBerry works."

And that’s why so many men and women are benefiting from GlucoBerry.

They see the research from Johns Hopkins Medical School, Harvard, and other top clinics worldwide.

And they see how thousands of men and women are already using these nutrients to support their body in flushing out excess sugar…

So I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that ever since we made it available to the public…

GlucoBerry is tough to keep on the shelves!

Men and women who want to feel confident in their blood sugar control are eager to try GlucoBerry for themselves.

And once they experience the newfound freedom and energy… they keep coming back for more.

This means our supplies are limited.

On top of that, we use premium Maqui Berry that’s rich in the antioxidant delphinidin. With the crazy world the past few years, it’s tough to find Maqui Berry at all, let alone the premium version.

As if those two potential supply blockers aren’t enough:

All the ingredients in GlucoBerry are hand-selected to support and aid blood sugar control.

Committing to these highest-quality ingredients can slow down our manufacturing.

Even more, we value quality of manufacturing over speed. That’s why our facilities are among the tightest-run ships in the country.

Everything is done to the strictest standards to guarantee purity and potency.

And our facilities are regularly audited by the FDA to make sure they’re up to snuff.

Other supplement and vitamin companies often cut corners here to save money and manufacture more quickly, but the unfortunate result of doing this is inferior nutrition with poor results.

We’re different, and the only profits our processes cut into are our own profits. This would result from the extraordinary effort we make to ensure that what you see on the label is exactly what you get in the bottle.

It’s a complex, time-consuming process, but it means better results when you take GlucoBerry.

All that to say…

We work hard to make enough GlucoBerry to meet the increasing demand, and make sure everybody who wants a supply of it can get it.

But because of our strict commitment to quality…

Out-of-Stocks Can and Do Happen.

Accordingly, my personal recommendation is to claim a supply of either 3 or 6 bottles.

That’s a 3-month or 6-month supply.

That way, you have your own long-term supply, and don’t have to worry about us being out-of-stock when you come back to order more.

And one more piece of advice: make sure you take GlucoBerry for at least 30 days.

Take one capsule each morning.

Most people feel the energy-boosting effects of the Maqui Berry the first few days they start taking GlucoBerry.

But then those unique antioxidants need time to start unclogging your Blood Sugar Drain.

So the longer you take GlucoBerry and help your body clear out your Blood Sugar Drain…

…the more and more your blood sugar levels will be supported.

To put it simply:

The longer you use GlucoBerry, the better the results.

Our customers are already realizing this – that’s why most of them are ordering 3 or 6 bottles at a time.

The people who order a 1-month supply of GlucoBerry are mostly interested in just getting on the path to healthy blood sugar.

People who order a 3-month supply are serious about supporting their blood sugar health.

Their goal is to not only feel the freedom of eating their favorite foods, but also possess the energy to enjoy each day and be able to “be there” for their families.

And the people who order a 6-month supply of GlucoBerry are setting themselves up for the long haul.

They are serious about managing their blood sugar and improving their health. Even as the years pass by, they want to keep their blood sugar healthy, and avoid the long-term health risks of imbalanced sugar levels.

Because there’s nothing else out there comparable to GlucoBerry, it’s tough to assign a price to it.

Considering that we’re having difficulty keeping it on our shelves, and that our customers are purchasing large volumes of the products…

The simple law of supply & demand says the price should be high.

Normally, GlucoBerry would be one of MD/PROCESS®’s higher-priced supplements… with a regular retail value of $129 per bottle.

If you compare that with years of doctors’ visits for your blood sugar, that price is a steal.

But I still don’t want you to pay that much.

Because what I’m after is helping more people experience the tremendous life-affirming value of GlucoBerry.

I want to keep it affordable so more people will be able to try it for themselves.

I managed to wrangle a special deal from the bean counters here at MD/PROCESS®.

They did require one condition, though: the largest discount can only be for the 6-month supply.

You can see your discount below.

The 3-month supply has a great discount, too. And we even knocked a little off the 1-month supply.

And all 3 or 6 month supply orders include free shipping within the U.S.

Again, the best savings are with the 3- or 6-month supplies. And that’s also how you get the best results.

Select Your Savings

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+$9.95 USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $147.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

Get 2 FREE Bonuses Worth $49.90 When You Order a 3 or 6 Month Supply

Desserts for Healthy Blood Sugar
Value: $29.95 | Today: FREE

To help you turbocharge your GlucoBerry experience, we’ll also send you our eBook consisting of 12 blood sugar friendly dessert recipes when you order a 3 or 6 month supply of GlucoBerry. These desserts are quick and easy to prepare, and they taste great without stressing over your blood sugar levels! Let’s be clear: eating these desserts isn’t something you have to do! But if you’d like to enjoy sweet treats without worrying about your blood sugar levels, this is the easiest way to do it.

Better Sleep for Balanced Blood Sugar
Value: $19.95 | Today: FREE

To help you achieve your goals, when you order a 3 or 6 month supply of GlucoBerry, we’ll send you our brand-new eBook "Better Sleep For Balanced Blood Sugar." This book explains the connection between good sleep and healthy blood sugar and offers more than 20 simple tricks to comfortably get to sleep, stay asleep through the night, and wake up refreshed. Even if you already feel like you're sleeping fine, these tricks will give you even deeper, more rejuvenating sleep, which is a boost to supporting blood sugar.

Remember, the longer you use it, the more time the special antioxidant Delphinidin will have to unclog your Blood Sugar Drain.

When you claim the larger supply, you can also share those bottles with family or friends who might also benefit from balanced blood sugar.

I can’t recommend highly enough that you should claim the 3- or 6-month supply.

Not just because we know it’s going to work for you, but also because it’s all covered with the:

MD/PROCESS® Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re 100% confident that we offer the most powerful blood sugar supplement on the planet. That’s why we give you 6 months to try it and decide.

Either you’re fully satisfied and head over heels thrilled with your daily energy and blood sugar levels…

Or you can simply contact us via phone or email, and we will refund you 100% of your purchase price. Our contact details are on the packaging.

Either you love GlucoBerry… or you get your money back. It’s that simple.

Claim your supply of GlucoBerry right now…

And enjoy the same experiences as the happy men and women who already saw this letter and claimed their own supply.

Steve G. Age 59

"I was trying cinnamon, but that didn't seem to work. Because I'd check my blood sugars in the morning and it would be about 140, 150 when I checked my blood. And now when I'm taking the GlucoBerry, my blood sugar in the morning is more like about 105, which is real good."

Scott B. Age 50

"My blood sugar among other things became an issue… Within days, I began to feel a difference… I'm back to being active, happy, and fit. This bottle right here, taking one pill a day, made all the difference."

Jason B. Age 44

"I have gone to the hospital for high blood sugar… and I was looking for a pill to help me keep numbers low. I've been on insulin before, but I was looking for a vitamin to help me regulate it. The insulin did help greatly, but I don't like My numbers have lowered regarding blood sugar because of GlucoBerry I'll definitely recommend it because it really does help, like I said I feel better, like I can take on work projects easier and just be happy."

Chenai M. Age 42

"I come from a family with history of diabetes and stroke, so it's very important that my blood sugar does stay within the normal and healthy range…
"I have tried other products when it comes to balancing my blood sugar. And honestly none of them have worked as fast as GlucoBerry
"This product here, it will help you reach your healthy goals. I highly recommend you try it. I absolutely know you will love it."

Select Your Savings

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+$9.95 USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $147.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

As we’re getting towards the end of our conversation here, I’d like you to imagine something for me…

Imagine yourself tomorrow…

If — after learning everything we’ve discussed in the last few minutes — you decide to walk away and not claim your supply of GlucoBerry

Obviously, not much will be different tomorrow.

But you’ll have a nagging doubt regarding whether you missed out on a great opportunity.

A month from now, you’ll be back into your regular routines.

And if you’ve stayed with me this long…

Is it safe to say that your regular routines aren’t enough anymore?

You’ve noticed that your energy lags throughout the day. Spikes and drops leave you exhausted, often by lunchtime.

You’re tired of being told to give up your favorite foods and give up carbs or sugar.

You’re sick of people thinking you’re weak or lazy because you haven’t solved this problem through willpower alone.

Unfortunately, so far nothing you’ve tried to resolve this problem has helped much.

From here it looks like…

If you don’t make a move, then a month from today, you’ll be stuck right where you are now.

Or what about a year from now? This time next year, you’ll have had another summer of family visits, another birthday, another Christmas.

Give a straight answer now… if you pass up today’s opportunity, then one year from today, will you have tried anything else to support healthy blood sugar?

What would you even try?

There’s no way to help unclog your Blood Sugar Drain that’s quite as simple as the unique antioxidant inside GlucoBerry.

So — if you walk away today, then one year from now your blood sugar will likely be at least as much, if not more of a worry than it is right now.

And if we’re being honest, it will likely be worse.

Until you do something to help unclog your Blood Sugar Drain, then it doesn’t matter how much weight you lose, or how many carbs you avoid, or how hard your pancreas and insulin work…

Too much of the blood sugar your body is trying to remove from your bloodstream will get stopped up in your kidneys and then cycled right back into your bloodstream.

And that means the effects of high blood sugar will just keep getting worse. The risk of serious complications will keep getting worse.

That’s enough negative thinking for right now!

Now I’d like to ask you to imagine yourself five minutes from now…

But this time, imagine that moment when you do choose to claim your supply of GlucoBerry

Obviously, you won’t have taken a single capsule yet. It won’t even have left our warehouse yet.

However, you will already feel the optimism and hope of knowing that you’ve made a positive change in your life.

Think about it…

When you get a raise at work, you feel great right away, don’t you? Even though you don’t see the money in your check for another week or two.

It’s the same thing here.

Once you know that you’ve made a difference in your own life, right away you feel good about yourself.

Then once your supply of GlucoBerry does arrive, you can start enjoying the results.

Like we discussed, some of the benefits of Maqui Berry kick in the first few days. You can enjoy increased and more steady energy levels the same week you get your GlucoBerry in the mail.

Now, let’s have you imagine yourself one month from now.

You’re starting to feel the benefits from the unclogging of your Blood Sugar Drain.

You’re worrying less about counting carbs, since you’re having fewer and smaller spikes.

You’re enjoying foods like pizza, french fries, and spaghetti without feeling guilty.

You’re excited to see that your family and friends are worrying less about what you eat.

Now imagine yourself one year from now.

If you’ve helped your body unclog your Blood Sugar Drain, you’ll feel better than you have in years.

You’ll be more confident at home and at work, or when participating in activities with friends or family.

You’ll know that your loved ones still respect you and aren’t as worried about your health.

You’ll be active and happy… and you’ll be able to help your loved ones be active and happy as well.

So, let’s do this one more time. I invite you to click below to claim your supply of GlucoBerry right now.

It’s a small decision that will make a huge impact on your life for years to come.

There’s no risk, since the MD/PROCESS® Guarantee, gives you a full 6 months to test it out for yourself.

Select Your Savings

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+$9.95 USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $147.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

You either love the results or receive a 100% refund.

Go ahead and place your order now, because — remember — our supplies have been low lately because of the crazy past few years. I recommend choosing the 3- or 6-month supply to stock up.

It’s the simplest way to unclog your Blood Sugar Drain, support healthy blood sugar levels, and start taking back your freedom.

You’re still the free, active person you’ve always been, and GlucoBerry will help you bring that person back.

Click below right now.

I’m Dr. Mark Weis and I want to say “thank you” for taking the time to learn about this wonderful wellness solution.

I can’t wait to hear your success story.

Select Your Savings

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+$9.95 USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $147.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee


If you’re still here, that tells me two things:

One, you’re committed to your health and happiness.

And two, you still have a few questions.

It’s good to have questions – I’m glad you do, so I can help you feel perfectly comfortable trying out GlucoBerry for yourself.

Here’s the answers to a few of the most common questions we hear:

What if I’m not happy – can I get my money back?

Absolutely. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll gladly give you a full refund. Simply contact our support team, and we’ll refund you 100%. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love your supply of GlucoBerry.

How do I know that GlucoBerry is pure & safe?

Maqui Berry is a natural berry that grows in South America, where it’s a common ingredient in many foods, and eaten regularly by hundreds of millions of people. Since its discovery as a health supplement, it’s gone through extensive testing to help ensure us of its safety.

Adding Maqui Berry to your diet is just as healthy as adding more blueberries to your diet.

The other ingredients in GlucoBerry have also been tested and proven to be safe. They’ve each been used for years.

Each batch of GlucoBerry is rigorously tested for purity and to ensure/protect against toxins and contaminants. Our manufacturing facility is regularly audited by the FDA for safety and purity.

Like I’ve mentioned, we go above and beyond to guarantee that what you see on the label is exactly what you get in the bottle.

How do I take GlucoBerry?

Just swallow one capsule with food every day. I recommend taking it in the morning to help you enjoy the positive effects throughout your day.

How long should I take it before seeing noticeable results?

Everyone’s body is different, so individual results vary.

With some people, Maqui Berry can help them experience increased daily energy within the first few days.

With others, the long-term effect of unclogging the Blood Sugar Drain can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to become noticeable.

For the best results, we recommend taking GlucoBerry as directed, eating a healthy diet, and staying active.

I’ve tried other blood sugar health formulas in the past which didn’t work – how do I know this is different?

GlucoBerry isn’t like other formulas. It’s not just about fixing insulin resistance or your pancreas. Those approaches are fine and do work for some people, but they don’t address the problem of the Blood Sugar Drain in your kidneys getting clogged. When that happens, it doesn’t matter how great your pancreas or insulin work. The sugar they remove from your bloodstream just gets clogged in your kidneys, and they recycle it right back into your blood.

Only GlucoBerry targets those clogs to help your body finally DRAIN your excess sugar.

To put it simply, GlucoBerry couldn’t be more different from other formulas. It’s the first nutritional supplement in history to support your blood sugar by unclogging your Blood Sugar Drain.

I feel confident in saying that this is the first opportunity you’ve ever had to use Maqui Berry extract to unclog your Blood Sugar Drain.

If you’re still wondering whether GlucoBerry is right for you, then the best advice I can give you is to try it for yourself.

With our Satisfaction Guarantee, you have 6 months to see if you like it. If you decide you want your money back, simply contact us for a full refund.

Translation: You can try it out with ZERO RISK.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and you could gain freedom in the kitchen, and be happier and healthier all day long.

Now please decide which amount is right for you, then click below, and let’s take the first step towards a healthy blood sugar.

I’ll see you on the next page.

Nick M. Age 56

"GlucoBerry has been working for me, and I have the numbers to prove it. It sure is satisfying seeing a product like GlucoBerry actually change your life.
What I would recommend: Do not wait. Do not wait until you have to go to the hospital or until you have to get taken in by an ambulance. It is time to address the getting older issues. Especially blood sugar because that's the beginning. And if you can address that, you have a longer life - a more productive and fun life."

Select Your Savings

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+$9.95 USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $147.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee


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